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Robotic projects, Microprocessor Design project and Software (Python) projects

(Virtual Logic Integrated Circuit)

07.2022 - Today

. SP32 based design

. EasyEDA design software

. Logic simulator

. Circuit visualizer

. Microcontroller based logic emulator

. DIY PCB build and design

. Uploader and compiler code in python

. Visualizer and emulator code on Arduino

LOTP Two-Wheeled
Self-Balancing Robot


. Fusion 360 designed

. Printed with Ender 3 Max (3D Printer)

. Bluetooth control is available

. Raspberry Pi Pico used as a micro controller

. Software is written in Python

. Stepper Motors are used to perform movement

. PID Controller implemented

. Self - Balancing

. Open Source DIY Project

L O T P  R o b o t D o g
P r o t o t y p e - 2

09.2020 - 01.2021

- Designed with Fusion 360®
- Coded in Arduino language on Teensy 3.5 & Arduino
- Modular structure (Lidar, Drone, Gas detection)
- Autonomous features
  (avoiding obstacle, maintain balance, pressure control)
- PI (Proportion - Integral) control
- Inverse Kinematics & Kinematics formulas applied
- Sense Capacity: Lidar, Gas detection, Pressure sensors
  Gyroscope, GPS, Wi-Fi connection, Camera


L O T P  R o b o t D o g
P r o t o t y p e - 1

04.2020 – 08.2020

- Designed with Fusion 360®
- Coded in Python language on
  Raspberry pi 3A+
- Compact structure
- Inverse Kinematics & Kinematics

L O T P 

01.2018 – 03.2020

- 8 bit processor
- 12 different Assembly commands
- Designed and tested on LogiSim
- Contains all required components


L O T P  M i n i
P C B  C N C

01.2019 – 03.2019

- Unique CNC control &
  CNC route planning algorithms
- Coded in python
- Raspberry pi zero used

E x o s k e l e t o n


- Designed using only cardboard,
  toothpicks, rubber and hot glue
- Designed by taking into
  consideration human bone, joint
  structure and their ergonomics.

R o b o t i c  A r m


- Developed by using Lego
  Mindstorm sets
- Programmed on main computer
  of Lego Mindstorm set

P y t h o n 
P r o j e c t s

2017 - 2021

.Math Function Graphic                         .Perlin Noise Loop
.Perlin Noise Particle Flows.                  .Worley Noise
.Mandelbrot Set Renderer                     .Physic Engine    
.Custom Color Palet Creator                 .Tree Fractal     

.LOTP CPU Assembly Emulator             .2D Ray Casting

.Random Snowflake Generator             .Double Pendulum

.Collatz Conjecture Tree                       .Marching Squares
.VScreen (Ascii Console Graphic Window)
.Times Tables Cardioid Visualization
.LOTP Lantern (3D Render Engine)

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