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LOTP  Robot Dog 

04.2020 – 08.2020

Project Details

     I started quadruped robot studies by searching the internet for visual and written sources. After preliminary work, planning and preparation, I designed my own project and developed prototype 1. I designed prototype 1 in a compact structure. I prepared the whole robot and control actuator, chassis and mechanism designs, 3D prints, energy consumption, distribution planning and circuit diagram. I also made robot control and motion software. I wrote my first kinematic model formula in this project. I used raspberry pi 3A+ as a computer. I prepared the software in python language. Prototype 1 was a useful work that enabled me to gain the experience and knowledge and establish the technical infrastructure for the advanced prototype 2 which all units and modules worked in smooth coordination and with stable performance.

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WhatsApp Image 2020-08-22 at
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