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P y t h o n  P r o j e c t s

Although python is not the first language I learned, it is the most stable and mastered programming language for me. When I started learning python, every project I worked on allowed me to grasp python's new features and expand the limits of what I could do. I want to learn more and develop artificial intelligence applications on python.

2017 - 2021

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These are some of the applications I developed on python: 

.Math Function Graphic                  
erlin Noise Loop

.Perlin Noise Particle Flows.           
.Worley Noise
.Mandelbrot Set Renderer              

.Physic Engine    
.Custom Color Palet Creator          
.Tree Fractal 
.LOTP Lantern (3D Render Engine)

.LOTP CPU Assembly Emulator     
.2D Ray Casting

.Random Snowflake Generator       
.Double Pendulum

.Collatz Conjecture Tree               
.Marching Squares
.VScreen (Ascii Console Graphic Window)
.Times Tables Cardioid Visualization

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