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 Microcontroller & Robotics Projects R&D Technician and Robotic/Python Instructor

   Maker Eskisehir – Batıkent / Eskişehir, 02/01/2023 – Today

 Robotic and Python Instructor (Part Time)

   Maker Eskisehir – Batıkent / Eskişehir, 18/08/2021 – 18/06/2022



 Computer Engineering - Ahmet Yesevi University (Kazakhstan) 06/2022 - Today

 Robotic Coding Instructor Certificate, 09/2019-10/2021

 Maker Eskisehir Coding With Python 2, 09/2019
TUBITAK Science, Young Robot Science Event, 06/2015
    - RS iDea Visual Programming
    - Algorithm Generation Software
    - Using Robot Components Training
Empathy Educational Institution,
      Computer & Web Design Course,  01/2014 - 04/2014
    - Simple Web Operations with HTML
    - Advanced Web Operations with HTML
    - Style Template (CSS)
    - Web Design Introduction
    - Web Design Applications
    - Database Operations with Web Design



    TUBITAK 52.High School Students Research Projects National Competition

         Awarded the Third Prize in Robotics & Coding 08/06/2021

    INSPO 2021 International Science Projects Olympiad

         Awarded the First Prize in Engineering 05/05/2021

    TUBITAK 52.High School Students Research Projects Regional Competition

         Awarded the First Prize in Robotics & Coding 30/03/2021

    Awarded as ElectroMaker of the Month November 2022 - 05/12/2022

         With the project LOTP Robot Dog Prototype 2 by Electro{Maker} Community.

    Hackaday, 2022 FPV Contest awarded an honorable mention – 16/01/2023

         With the project LOTP Robot Dog Prototype 2


   Presentation at the Reddit Robotics Showcase on 31/07/2022.

      Participated as a guest speaker to the event of r/Robotics Reddit community

      for introducing Modular Quadruped Robotic Vehicle (Robot Dog) LOTP V2.

   Project Promoted at Electro{maker} online maker community showcase on 18/01/2023.

      Modular Quadruped Robotic Vehicle (Robot Dog) LOTP V2 has been awarded

      as ElectroMaker of the Month November 2022

  Guest speaker at City Talks organized by Tepebasi Municipality about

      success story of TUBITAK 52.High School Students Research Projects

      National Competition Award on 06/09/2021

 Guest speaker at Mersin Youth Technology Summit for introducing Modular

      Quadruped Robotic Vehicle (Robot Dog) LOTP Version 2 on 19/05/2021

  Interview on NTV “Stories of Hope” program about developing

      Robot Dog Project on 23/03/2021



 2019 International Mathematics Kangaroo Competition Turkey, 23/03/2019

 TED Eskisehir College Social Activity Participation Certificate, 11/06/2019
    - Science Festivals - Model United Nations Club  - Debate Club  - Basketball
7. Art Dance Course, 03/2019 - 06/2019

 TED Eskisehir College Career Development Summit "Hybrid Human", 14/12/2018

 Turkey United Nations Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment Group

    "From Beijing To Today, From Today To The Future", 08/03/2019
TED Eskisehir College Debating Tournament Participation Certificate, 2018 - 2019 Education Period
TED Eskisehir College Model United Nations Tedesmun,

   Tedesmun Conference as a Delegate in UNEP, 14/03/2019 – 17/03/2019

 Duet Art Piano Course 04/2013 - 06/2013



    Possession of valid driving license

    Languages: Turkish (native language), English (Upper-Intermediate Level - Duolingo Test Overall Score 90)

    Traveling foreign countries

      (Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tanzania)

    Bouldering, Swimming

    Polaroid photography

    Modelling with 3D pen and Paper modelling

    Lego sets collection

    Retro technological device collection



       I was born in Ankara in 2003. Mechanic, Electronic and Software projects are my real passion. First I start preparing these projects by doing research and reading sources from internet and books. In this way, I learn academic disciplines, principles and fundamental knowledge which ensure me to realize projects. I see design and development phases as opportunities for implementing my point of view and original approach. I try to reflect my imagination and my own unique point of view to my projects as much as possible, and I try to add my own style. I see my mistakes in the development process as a step forward at this journey to get me to the right destination. The greatest success I have achieved in my projects is what I learned during the development process. I believe that every project I have accomplished, develops an infrastructure for upcoming projects to be more effective, stable and original, and that it prepares me for the future to be a good engineer.

       My Dream is to be professional at Computer Science field. I would like to specialize on quantum computers or in artificial intelligence expertise fields.  My biggest Aim is to be a competent scientist in these developing and promising branches of science and to contribute to all humanity.

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Computer Engineering Student
Ahmet Yesevi University 

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