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8 Bit Computer Processor on Breadboard

04.2023 - Today

  • 8 Bit Processor in CISC architecture, Built on Breadboard

  • TTL Transistor Logic Chips used

  • Running Assembly Language

  • Adjustable Processor Clock Speed from 10 Hz to 10,000 Hz with TLC555 Chip

  • Manual Mode Operation Option (for Debugging Purpose)

  • Includes: Clock Module, Address Counter, Eprom Address Registers, Eprom and I/OUnits, Eprom Instruction Registers, Assembly Code EPPROM and counters, Micro Code EPPROMs (4 Registers), 32 Instruction Process CapacityBUS Input Output Pins, Debugging Units (Data Reading Interface and Eprom Edit Buttons)A and B register (Memory Blocks) (2 x 8 Bit Data) for mathematical operation

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